Oncha Egg

Oncha Egg

Join Eggventure to receive OnCha-Egg. Monster's unique rarity, parts, stats.In OnCha Monster World, it's begin with finding Oncha-egg, hatch, and evolving monster from game to game. Trainers get to find powerful and new Monsters, then upgrade and make them stronger to get a better chance to win mystery treasury . It's a world full of exciting monster discoveries and growth.


The quest to discover an Oncha-egg starts with Eggventure. As a found monster egg continues to thrive and absorb more natural power, its rarity level increases over time during gameplay.​


When a Monster Egg is born, it possesses a single nature element. In the expansive OnChaVerse, you'll encounter a total of four unique natural elements to uncover. It's a diverse and exciting world waiting to be explored.