Find an Egg and let the journey begin.


The very first step to join ONCHAMON is for every trainer to get started. To engage in future gameplay of ONCHAMON, users need to mint Oncha-eggs in Eggventure. DPET Tokens serve as the currency for participation. Beyond minting Oncha-eggs, players have the opportunity to earn additional rewards during their gaming journey.

Eggventure happens in two main parts: Generation and Apocalypse.

When playing Eggventure, the longer you survive in the game, the higher your rewards. Oncha-eggs that survive longer gradually become rarer. If there are 1000 Oncha-eggs minted, the 10 Oncha-eggs that survive till the end will be of Legendary rarity. Additionally, enduring longer helps these Oncha-eggs accumulate more DPET. However, during the game, these Oncha-eggs face disasters, and if destroyed, they are considered lost. It's your choice to decide whether to continue surviving in the game or abandon it.

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