Series of fully on-chain monster games.

ONCHAMON is a game that operates with complete transparency on the blockchain. This means all data, upgrades, and gameplay actions are securely recorded on-chain, allowing everyone to see and verify them.


Trainers in the Monster Verse follow a path that begins with the quest to discover "EggVenture," a special adventure where they uncover mysterious and unique eggs. These eggs hold the keys to new and powerful monsters. Once in possession of the eggs, trainers engage in the thrilling "Egg Hatch" process to bring these creatures to life. However, the transformation is just the beginning. The real magic occurs at the "Training Ground," where trainers work diligently to enhance their monsters' abilities.

This step-by-step process is crucial for preparing the upgraded monsters for adventurous journeys within the ONCHAMON world. With their new skills and strengths, these monsters are ready to embark on exciting quests, compete with other trainers and their creatures, and pursue valuable treasures. The Monster Verse is filled with challenges and rewards, and both trainers and their enhanced monsters are well-equipped to seize these opportunities.

Fully on-chain games

ONCHAMON's games are built entirely on the blockchain through smart contracts, ensuring a transparent mechanism and a player-owned economy. These principles are the cornerstones of ONCHAMON's development in a decentralized world.

On-chain re-skin and upgradeable

Upgradeable Monster NFTs form the central value of the ONCHAMON World. By collecting these NFTs and participating in various ONCHAMON games, players can earn valuable rewards. The journey begins with gathering Eggs to unveil new Monsters, enabling deeper immersion in ONCHAMON's diverse and competitive environment. In ONCHAMON, each Monster boasts unique advantages in different games, and amassing a collection of Monsters can provide a strategic edge in winning.

Player-owned economy

A player-owned economy allows players to have significant control over in-game assets and transactions. They can trade, craft, gather resources, and influence market dynamics through smart contracts, ensuring true ownership of digital items.

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