Apocalypse Phase

Entering the Apocalypse phase also marks the beginning of disasters. Throughout this phase, the longer an Oncha-egg survives, the higher its rarity and accumulated DPET will be. You can protect these eggs by fortifying them with elemental shields to mitigate the impact of disasters. The last surviving Oncha-egg will claim all rewards from the prize pool. Additionally, you have the option to abandon the location and take the egg. However, this means you withdraw from competing for the prize pool rewards.


  • During the Apocalypse, every 120 blocks, a circular Disaster zone affects all Oncha-eggs within it. The disaster zone's location will appear randomly on the map. The size of the disaster zone will be randomized within a range. The maximum size will gradually increase as the number of eggs decreases. This is to speed up the game in the later stages.
  • There are four types of Disasters: Volcanic Eruption, Flood, Earthquake, and Tornado. Eggs that have corresponding elemental resistance are spared, while others are either destroyed or lose one corresponding Element Shield.

Disaster Confirmation

Since this is a fully on-chain game, every time a disaster affects an Oncha-egg, it needs someone to confirm. For each Oncha-egg affected by a disaster, the person confirming will be rewarded with 25 DPET directly to their wallet. In case the egg has a shield that can withstand the disaster, this 25 DPET will be taken from the Collectible reward of that egg. Anyone can confirm a disaster, including those who don’t participate in the game.
For a 120 block disaster, the time frames will be as follows:
  • First 40 Blocks: Egg inside Disaster can confirm.
  • Next 40 Blocks: Surviving Eggs can confirm.
  • Last 40 Blocks: Everyone can confirm.


Besides disaster zones, every 720 blocks, a blessing zone will appear and last for 60 blocks. Eggs within this zone, when confirmed with a blessing, will receive an immunity effect against all disasters for a specified period, as follows:
Immune Duration
Change Rate
Basic Blessing
180 blocks
Enhance Blessing
780 blocks
Ultimate Blessing
2940 blocks
Especially is that everyone can confirm any egg to bestow a blessing upon them. However, there won't be any rewards for doing so.
If an egg is currently receiving a Blessing, it can still receive another Blessing, and the longer immune duration will be chosen.


To protect the eggs from disasters, at each location, players can fortify their eggs with elemental shields by spending DPET. There are 4 types of shields:
  • Earth Shield: Protects against Earthquake.
  • Water Shield: Protects against Flood.
  • Fire Shield: Protects against Volcanic Eruption.
  • Wind Shield: Protects against Tornado.
The fortify price will include 25 DPET and an extra fee of 0.5 DPET. After each fortification for any Element Shield type, the extra fee cost doubles. Also, there will be 25 DPET added to the Collectible reward for each shield. This ensures players don't spend excessively to win and gives a fair chance to non-whale players.

Abandon (Take Out The NFT Egg)

During gameplay, players can abandon a location and retrieve their Oncha-egg. Note that players can only abandon when their location is not in a disaster area.
Trainers also receive the DPET they have accumulated during gameplay. However, the amount of DPET received may vary depending on the phase they abandon:
  • If abandoned during the generation phase, the player receives 100% of the DPET earned from potential.
  • If abandoned during the apocalypse, the player only receives 50% of the DPET earned from potential. However, you will also receive an additional amount of DPET from the prize pool based on your survival time.
Additionally, the eggs a user receives will vary in rarity based on the percentage of remaining players compared to the initial count at the start of the Apocalypse:
  • Common eggs if there are more than 60% of players remaining or when abandoned during the Generation phase.
  • Rare eggs if there are fewer than 60% but more than 30% of players remaining.
  • Elite eggs if there are fewer than 30% but more than 10% of players remaining.
  • Epic eggs if there are fewer than 10% of players remaining.
  • Legendary eggs if they are among the top 10 surviving eggs.
However, Legendary eggs only appear when more than 1000 eggs are surviving when Apocalypse starts.

Peaceful Time

In the apocalypse phase, there will be a time frame from 12:00 to 24:00 (UTC) called peaceful time. During this period, disasters and blessings will not affect eggs anymore, and players can still fortify or abandon them. This is intended to provide players with a break instead of having to play continuously 24/7.

DPET Prize Pool

The fees collected from minting and fortifying will significantly boost the prize pool. The last surviving Oncha-egg in the Apocalypse phase claims the entire Prize Pool.
However, if the current season includes 10 legendary eggs, the prize pool will be redistributed among these 10 eggs as follows:
  • Abandon at 10th: 0.5 % Prize Pool.
  • Abandon at 9th: 1% Prize Pool.
  • Abandon at 8th: 1.5% Prize Pool.
  • Abandon at 7th: 2% Prize Pool.
  • Abandon at 6th: 3% Prize Pool.
  • Abandon at 5th: 4% Prize Pool.
  • Abandon at 4th: 5% Prize Pool.
  • Abandon at 3rd: 10% Prize Pool.
  • Abandon at 2nd: 20% Prize Pool.
  • Last Eggs: the remained Pool.
Please note that legendary eggs will only be rewarded after selecting Abandon. If they are destroyed before that, there will be no rewards.

DPET Distribution

  • Mint cost comprises:
    • 85% for the Prize Pool and the accumulation of Oncha-eggs.
    • 15% for developers.
    • 25 DPET ( If you choose to abandon, this amount will go to the prize pool )
  • Fortify Fee comprises:
    • 85% for the Prize Pool.
    • 15% for developers.
    • 25 DPET ( If you choose to abandon, the unused will be refunded to you ).