Generation Phase

In the game, players can mint their own eggs. During gameplay, these eggs can accumulate DPET and be fortified to protect them during the Apocalypse phase. If no more players register for the game, the Generation phase will end and transition to the Apocalypse phase.

Finding Oncha-eggs

  • To participate in the game, each individual needs to have at least one Oncha-egg for themselves.

  • Oncha-eggs are acquired through a process similar to Bitcoin mining. Each successful finding operation grants the user a location on the map where an Oncha-egg is generated.

  • After locating an Oncha Egg, players have the option to mint that egg by paying a fee in DPET. Additionally, you will get a preview of the egg's potential, which will be detailed later, before making a decision. However, keep in mind that this finding process occurs simultaneously for all players, so when you find an Oncha-egg, there's a possibility that others might find it too. The player who mints the egg faster will own it. This is commonly indicated by an error message from MetaMask.

  • The minting cost will gradually increase based on the number of previously found Oncha-eggs.


After you have successfully minted an Oncha-egg, you will see its information: Location name, Location ID, coordinates, element, potential, and rarity. You can view all your Oncha-eggs on the main board.


Each Oncha-egg is generated at a specific location, with coordinates displayed on the game's map. Each location will also have its own name and ID.


Each Oncha-egg will carry one of the following four elements: Earth, Water, Fire, or Wind. These elements will have corresponding disaster resistance effects when entering the Apocalypse phase.


There are also 5 levels of Potential that represent the DPET accumulation rate for each minting:

  • Minimal: gain 0.013 DPET per mint

  • Low: gain 0.0195 DPET per mint

  • Moderate: gain 0.026 DPET per mint

  • High: gain 0.039 DPET per mint

  • Ultimate: gain 0.065 DPET per mint

As the number of Oncha-eggs increases, the chance of obtaining better potential also rises.


Every Oncha-egg minted will start with a common rarity. As the Apocalypse phase begins, the rarity of the eggs will gradually increase based on the remaining number of eggs compared to the initial quantity at the start of the Apocalypse phase.

Collectible Rewards DPET

  • Each Oncha-egg will have its own collectible rewards. Whenever a new Oncha-egg is minted, the previously minted Oncha-egg will accumulate DPET based on its potential.

  • In the Apocalypse phase, when an egg is destroyed or a location is abandoned, it will contribute to the collectible rewards of DPET for the remaining eggs.

  • When an egg is fortified, for each Element Shield, 25 DPET will be deducted and added to the egg's DPET collectible rewards. These 25 DPET will be awarded to those who confirm the Disaster on the egg.

The Breaking Point

  • The Generation phase's time continuously decreases to zero. At this point, the egg-finding process stops, transitioning to the Apocalypse phase.

  • Each new user minting an egg extends the Generation phase time, up to a maximum of 28,800 blocks. This maximum will decrease by 10 blocks for each newly minted egg and will be restored by 10 blocks whenever someone abandons an egg within the generation.

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