Eggventure Season 5

New Map - New Feature: Mineral

Placing special eggs in designated areas allows them to generate stones. The more rare the egg and the higher the shield level (of any egg in that area), the more and better quality stones you'll get. These stones are awarded when you abandon your eggs during Apocalypse.

Earning Stones:

  • How to mine Stone?: These are special eggs that can generate stones in specific areas.

  • Rarity of Stone: Higher rarity eggs will generate higher level stones.

  • Amount of Stone: The number of stones an egg generates depends on the highest shield level of egg, plus 1.

  • Stone Element: The type of stone earned depends on the location of the egg in the Mineral Mine.

Mineral Mine:

  • The map will have four designated quarry areas, each corresponding to a specific stone type: Red (Fire), Green (Wind), Blue (Water), and Yellow (Earth).

  • Eggs placed in these areas will generate stones when the owner abandons them during the Apocalypse Phase. (Abandoning during a generation won't yield stones.)

  • Each quarry area awards stones of the same element it represents.

  • The number of stones received is based on the highest shield level (fire, wind, water, or earth) of any egg on the map, plus 1.


  • Imagine there's one egg with 12 earth shields, another with 8 fire shields, and a third with 4 water shields.

  • In this case, all eggs in the quarry will receive 13 stones of their corresponding color (earth, fire, or water) when the owner abandons them during Apocalypse.

Rarity Levels:

  • Common (Level 1)

  • Rare (Level 2)

  • Elite (Level 3)

  • Epic (Level 4)

  • Legendary (Level 5)

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